Elephant gun

This is the story of an african elephant, who died because of a king´s gun and whose corpse mortally wounded monarchy.

Rocky skin,

50 years-old,

african elephant,

so long.

You used to live in savannah

until your murder.

Your killer,

an spanish cancer,

will have his desert.

We promise.

And in spite of the fact that he doesn´t want to give up the crown,

he is a dead man walking now.

Hunted by democracy´s crows,


And with his jowls

and the fluids

of other rotten apples,

we will end this swindle.

Thank you mr. Elephant.

Your corpse mortally wounded monarchy

and come to light

our nasty system.

Now all of us

sing at the same time,

“Bye, bye mr. Bourbon,

we are the elephant gun”



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